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About Us

Who we are:

We are an international, non-profit organization, run by parents of children with special needs, which is dedicated to helping other parents in similar situations. We believe that each of us has become a mini-library of crucial information and tidbits over time, and our main goal, therefore, is to pool together all our resources and provide a means for parents to share their experiences with each other.

What We Do:

We are aiming to achieve our goal through various means.

First and foremost, we try and connect parents dealing with similar diagnoses with each other. It can be a syndrome, a condition, disease or disability – all you need to do is call, tell us the basic info, and we will try and find another parent who is dealing with a similar condition and provide you with their contact information. Our experience has shown that nothing can compare to seeing and talking to another person going through the same route. Many parents have reported that that was the turning point in accepting the condition and understanding what it is all about.

Many parents grapple with a condition/disease that is rare, and find that information is hard to come by. At Beineinu, we have student volunteers who will do internet research for people with little or no internet access, or who cannot conduct this search on their own for any reason. Our volunteers try to present the information in a clear and organized fashion. In cases where useful information can only be found in English (as is too often the case), Beineinu volunteers will translate that information into Hebrew. If you need information translated into any other language – please ask us, and we can try to see if we can arrange that for you.

Another exciting project we are working on now is our online information-sharing feature. Once it is ready, parents will be able to share information with others by commenting and adding to the various lists. There will be lists of doctors, clinics, methods of treatments, equipment, organizations, funding resources and more – where you can post those you have used as well as comment on each one. There is no more powerful tool than being able to check out what other parents have used and recommend, helpful tips that parents share with you, and useful information gathered – not from some dry phonebook, but from parents like you who have tried and experienced these options.

How Beineinu Began:

Beineinu was founded by parents like you, who have found that meeting other parents in the same situation was the best thing that could have happened to them. The idea hatched sometime in middle of the night: to create a list of parents who are willing to share their experiences and talk to other parents, and to provide a small, home-based service where people can call and request to speak with others in the same situation. The idea seemed simple enough, and by the end of the first month, our list included hundreds of volunteer parents who were thrilled with the idea and happy to participate. In addition, we began receiving calls from parents who wished to be put in contact with others. Thus began "Beineinu".

Very quickly, Beineinu developed into a group of dedicated volunteers who are, until this day, working tirelessly to develop and bring all our plans to fruition. With G-d's help, Beineinu is now a full-fledged organization which far surpassed all original dreams, and merited to help many thankful parents. We are happy for every parent who feels they have gained much-needed support through Beineinu. We have many more plans for the future, as this organization slowly but surely evolves into an international parent association.

How YOU Can Help:

There are many ways through which you can help Beineinu continue in its sacred work. Every parent of a child with special needs has that special urge to assist others and make it easier for them to walk along this unfamiliar path, but time and resources may be limited. At Beineinu, everyone can find the best options through which they, too, can help.

Join our contact list

Agree to allow other, "new" parents, to contact you through Beineinu.

Fill out our surveys

Our surveys are our means of collecting important information about doctors, organizations, and equipment that you have used, etc - that you have used, so that we can include that in our online database.


Help us with our online research, data entry, translating, and preparing information about conditions in a clear and easy-to-understand fashion following the guidelines we will provide, translating.


Since we are a volunteer organization, Beineinu's expenses relatively minor. Since we have no government funding, we rely heavily on people's generosity in order to be able and continue. A few hundred dollars can translate into new printing material which can then let more parents know about and benefit from Beineinu; your donation can help provide reassuring care packages for new mothers who have just received a diagnosis; it can help us add more helpful features on the site that can then help thousands of parents like all of us. Since all funds go to cover our actual printing, mailing, and website expenses, a donation of any amount really makes a true difference.

Any other ideas? Tell us how YOU can help!